Services Provided

Dr. Oppenheim works with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues providing services that span from therapy and psychological, and psychoeducational assessment to parenting support and education, couples counseling, and family reintegration in various presentations. 

Psychological and psych diagnostic assessments are available for learning disabilities, ADHD, giftedness, and administered to assess personality and emotional functioning.  Highly detailed reports follow the assessment process with a full explanation of test results to the appropriate party.  Such evaluations of children help identify learning strengths and weaknesses so that the child can be helped to develop strategies to facilitate learning that make the best use of that person's learning style.  Results can also help teachers better understand the child's learning style.  In addition, personality and emotional assessment can help inform treatment and in some cases actually jump start treatment.   Attendance at school based team meetings to explain results is an additional service provided.

Dr. Oppenheim also works as a consultant to attorneys to help them understand the psychological implications of cases. 

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