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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

I've been thinking.....

11/24/14  So what's up with Bill Cosby?  We may actually never know but two strands of thought emerge from this situaion in my mind.  First, if the allegations are true, they highlight what we already know about powerful people who misuse their power and position.  They may host feelings of entitlement with low levels of anxiety that could otherwise prohibit behavioral transgressions.These elements allow them to engage in behavior whether it is compulsive/criminal sexual behavior as has been alleged against Mr. Cosby or enacting physical abuse upon women and children as in the recent cases invoving NFL athletes.

 Second, if the allegations made against Mr. Cosby are false, they highlight how people can misuse the internet and media to destroy the reputation and emotional lives of others potentially causing far reaching and devastating effects.  It also illustrates the contagion effect of ill will and mean-spirit that is not unlike what we see in bulllying campaigns among students.  It is at work in racially/ethnically based campaigns against groups of people for having divergent political or religious beliefs.  Both hypotheses originate in hatred and reckless disregard for the emotional and physical integrity of others.  Neither bode well for humanity. 
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